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Preventing an intrusion is better than dealing with the aftermath

CCTV surveillance is popular in Bolton and the rest of the UK because of the distinct benefits it offers. Just the presence of a CCTV system can be enough to deter an intruder altogether. The sight of a camera, much like an alarm system, can cause them to decide that it would be easier to move on. After all, preventing an intrusion is always better than having to deal with the aftermath.

Protect your business

With a proven track record of reducing crime rates, CCTV systems are designed to keep you safe. Even if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of anti-social behaviour or a break in, you’ll have the upper hand when you can present your evidence to the authorities and your insurance company. The more evidence you have which supports your claim, the better.

Quick & Easy

Our expert contractors will take care of the installation, all you have to do is tell us where you want the system. As well as this we’ll help and advise you on choosing the right system, as you’ll need to consider things like quality, amount of storage, and playback of recorded footage. Once we’ve nailed down the details, it’s a short process for lifelong protection.

Low Upkeep

Once the system is installed, there’s very little you have to do besides making sure it’s on. All installations carried out by Excelsior are tested, certified and covered by a guarantee for your peace of mind. We also carry out all associated maintenance in order to ensure that your installations operate flawlessly for years to come.

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