What is a Smart Home?

The idea of a ‘Smart Home’ has been around for years with cartoons such as 'The Jetsons' from the 1960s showing a future world with Jane Jetson pushing buttons which made meals and mopped floors. There was even Rosie the Robot Maid who would whizz round dusting the house! Whilst we aren’t quite there with [...]

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How can smart homes help the elderly?

Medical advances and positive lifestyle changes means that we as a species are living longer than ever before. A by-product of this is that the elderly is now able to continue to live independently for longer. So how can we make independent living easier for the older community? There has been growing concerns about how [...]

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5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Home System

Our lives are full of tech, from our Smartphones to Bluetooth headphones, each with their unique ability to make life efficient, so why shouldn’t your home do the same? More and more people are investing in Smart Home systems to achieve not only increased efficiency, but safety and comfort. The upfront costs of Smart Homes [...]

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Can CCTV be used in court?

CCTV is an extremely effective means of deterring criminals and has, therefore, become the security system of choice for many home and business property owners across the U.K. Just the mere presence of a CCTV system can be enough to deter intruders all together, so it’s an investment worth considering. With the right system, CCTV [...]

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What are the critical security flaws of using Smart Home devices?

Smart Home Systems make our homes more comfortable and efficient than ever, but when you gain remote access to your home technologies, there is the potential for someone else to do the same. Whilst most Smart Home Systems are safe and secure when installed by a professional like our team at Excelsior Electrical Contractors. However, [...]

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What is the Difference Between Smart Homes and Active Houses?

Environmental awareness has grown in recent times, with waste, pollution and energy use all on the agenda. Active or sustainable houses help by providing better energy efficiency. Smart household appliances and fixtures are fuelling the next stage of this evolution. A recent study shows that almost 40% of people are in the connected home market [...]

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How Energy Efficient Are Smart Homes?

Smart Home Systems provide us with comfort and convenience, but do they also make our homes more energy efficient? If you live in Manchester and are weighing up whether to invest in a Smart Home System, you should take into consideration the impact it could have on your home’s energy efficiency. What are Smart Home [...]

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5 Benefits of Installing a Home Cinema System

Enjoy the excitement and thrills of the big screen experience every day by entrusting Excelsior Electrical Contractors to install a home cinema system. Whether you’re a movie buff, a video game enthusiast, a sports fan, a Netflix junkie, or you just love the cinema experience, owning your own home cinema system will take your leisure [...]

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