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CCTV Installation in Manchester

Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) are great deterrents to prevent crimes from happening at your property. Simply the presence of a camera is enough to deter intruders and make them think twice about their actions. It’s much better to prevent a break-in, than to deal with the aftermath of one.
Excelsior Electrical Contractors supplies and installs a range of CCTV systems in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

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The Benefits of CCTV Installed at Your Property

There are numerous benefits to having CCTV installed at your Manchester property.

Crime Deterrent

For criminals, the presence of a CCTV camera acts as a serious deterrent and makes the offender think twice about their actions. CCTV cameras give an air of danger to a potential theft and show the presence of the law, deterring anyone planning to carry out a crime from doing so.

Collect Evidence

In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur at your premises, a CCTV system pays dividends in its value to providing evidence as to what happened. Crimes are more easily solved with the additional evidence that a CCTV camera feed provides, helping to place the time of the crime, the location and, most importantly, the suspects. All of this evidence will help you when presenting it to the authorities and your insurance company, thus making any claims you make more likely to be successful.

Save Money on Your Insurance

Thanks to the additional security CCTV provides to your Manchester property, the chances of your property being broken into or damaged are significantly reduced, thereby reducing the probability of you making a claim. This means that insurance companies will be happier to offer you cheaper prices, saving you a ton of money.

Keeps the People in Your Property Safe

In addition to protecting your property and belongings, CCTV increases the safety of the people within it. Keep the people you’re responsible for safe and secure, whether that’s your employees in a business premises or your own family.

Peace of Mind

Reduce the stress and worry of not knowing if your property has been broken into while you’re not there. In addition, you have peace of mind knowing you have extra protection, decreasing the chance of a crime occurring. Some of our systems allow you to log in online so you can check your property in real-time, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

CCTV Installation in Manchester

At Excelsior, we offer a large range of domestic and commercial CCTV systems to suit a variety of properties and budgets. Investing in CCTV for your property is highly affordable and will serve you with continuous monitoring for many years to come.

You can install a CCTV system in Manchester, at your home or business, and enjoy the peace of mind that your property has additional security, while being able to login and check in real-time that all is okay.

Why Choose Excelsior?

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and have plenty of knowledge to help you choose the right system for your property. Simply tell us what you want, and we can advise you on the right system for you. Then our experts will take care of installation.

If you would like to install CCTV at your Manchester property, contact Excelsior Electrical Contractors today.