What are the critical security flaws of using Smart Home devices?

Smart Home Systems make our homes more comfortable and efficient than ever, but when you gain remote access to your home technologies, there is the potential for someone else to do the same.

Whilst most Smart Home Systems are safe and secure when installed by a professional like our team at Excelsior Electrical Contractors. However, if they are not used according to advice from an expert it can put your privacy and home security at risk.

To avoid hackers from gaining control to data, sensitive information, or technology within your home you should protect yourself against the following three critical security flaws of using Smart Home Devices.

Using weak passwords – the number one most important thing you can do to secure your Smart Home System is quite simple and lies entirely in your hands.  Using a secure password will instantly make your system more secure against hackers.  It is alarmingly common for people to keep the default factory settings password, immediately leaving themselves open to attacks. Anyone can discover default passwords for a system with a quick search on Google.  Another common mistake is using the same password across multiple devices, meaning that if security on one device is compromised, then access can be gained to other devices too.  As well as learning what makes a password secure, using a secondary form of authentication when one is available adds an extra layer of protection to your system.

Password Security

Not updating firmware – if an update becomes available for your device it is important to install it at your earliest possible convenience as it could contain important security updates for your system.  Putting off installing the update leaves your privacy and home security vulnerable.

Using unsecure systems – make sure a specialist has helped you to choose a secure system made by a reputable and trustworthy brand.   At Excelsior our experts can advise you on the most secure systems available and the safest ways to install and use them.

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