What is the Difference Between Smart Homes and Active Houses?

Environmental awareness has grown in recent times, with waste, pollution and energy use all on the agenda. Active or sustainable houses help by providing better energy efficiency.

Smart household appliances and fixtures are fuelling the next stage of this evolution.

A recent study shows that almost 40% of people are in the connected home market via smart entertainment devices (PwC).

Smart Homes vs. Active Houses

Smart homes have integrated appliances and fixtures that can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps. On your way home, switch on your smart thermostat and return to a cosy setting. Likewise, adjust your lighting mood and home entertainment system from a different room.

Active houses create a more comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy usage. Better insulation, windows and airtightness combine with renewable features for cheaper running costs.

Smart Home Control Panel

Connectivity for Smart Homes

Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider but doesn’t own any property. That’s the power of the internet. You can leverage that connectivity too, from your phone App to your smart integrated home appliances. Remotely start your next audio track with surround sound. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your home cinema from your mobile phone.

Smart and Active 21st Century Homes

Smart and active houses are two sides of the same coin. Elements of sustainable homes can be achieved by smart technology. Precise information at your fingertips gives you easy control over your heating, audio and visual home systems.

You can also boost your green credentials by creating a more energy-efficient smart home. For discreet installation and the best standards, make sure you use an expert for your integrated audio and visual system.

Installing Smart Technology in Your Home

If you’re interested in learning how to modernise your home with the latest smart home technology or want to book an installation, contact Excelsior Electrical Contractors today.

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