How Energy Efficient Are Smart Homes?

Smart Home Systems provide us with comfort and convenience, but do they also make our homes more energy efficient?

If you live in Manchester and are weighing up whether to invest in a Smart Home System, you should take into consideration the impact it could have on your home’s energy efficiency.

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What are Smart Home Systems?

Smart Home Systems allow you to remotely control technologies within your home like lighting, heating and electrical appliances using an app on your smartphone.

Are Smart Homes energy efficient?

As well as improving your level of comfort and saving you time, when used intelligently, Smart Home Systems can also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

How can Smart Home Systems improve energy efficiency?

Monitor energy usage – Being able to track and monitor how much energy the devices around your home are using, and how much they are costing you, makes it easier to make responsible and energy conscious decisions. Without this information, it can be difficult to make informed decisions about how to save energy and see the difference that your efforts are making.

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View devices’ on/off status and switch off remotely – Control electrical devices remotely using smart adaptor plugs.  Smart adaptors encourage users to stop leaving things on stand-by by switching them off at the adaptor to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. If you’ve left the house in a hurry you can view the status of devices at home and switch them off remotely wherever you are.

Run your thermostat at optimum efficiency – Your heating system probably uses the most energy in your home, so it’s a great place to start when trying to reduce your energy consumption.  Smart thermostats like Nest learn the patterns of your household and then program themselves to run at maximum efficiency.  Smart thermostats take into consideration the temperature you like your home at, the times of day that the house is empty, and the number of people in the house at any one time, making sure that your household is always comfortable and your heating is never on when it doesn’t need to be.

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