Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Homes: Answered

We talk about Smart technology a lot, from Smart phones to Smart watches but when it comes to making your home ‘smart’ people have a lot of questions. Here we’ll talk you through some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Smart Homes to help you gain a better understanding of the new and innovative tech available for your property.

What is a Smart Home?

This is the most frequently asked question and the answer is a home in which electronic devices can all be controlled remotely from a smart device using an internet connection.  These devices can be lighting, heating, cameras, audio, security systems, television and any other electronic device you can think of. Put simply, if the devices in your home connect to each other and to your home network then you have a Smart home. Still a bit confused? Take a look at our blog about Smart Homes, what they are and what they do!

Why doesn’t everyone have a Smart Home?

Despite how amazing the tech is, there are a number of reasons that not everyone has a smart home from reliability to affordability. The more ‘Smart’ devices you wish to integrate into your home, the higher the cost, especially if you need a Smart hub as well to link these appliances. Equally, people have concerns regarding security and privacy, as consumers fear cyber-attacks where cameras and other devices on their network can be compromised. These occurrences are extremely rare with companies regularly updating and improving their software, but naturally, if it is reported in the news, it is a concern for consumers.

Why should I have a Smart Home?

Smart Homes are desirable for a number of reasons; comfort, convenience, control, safety and savings. Having complete remote control over your home means that you are in charge of when appliances are used and how much money you are paying for bills each month. Equally, this control extends to ensuring your safety with the knowledge that if any movement is sensed in your property, you will be immediately alerted on your device. Plus, a smart home is a great way to help you sit back, relax whilst you use your device to turn the lights down, turn on the tv and change the thermostat to the perfect temperature.

Smart Home Control Panel

Do I have to make my whole house a ‘Smart Home’?

The short answer is No. The smart elements in your home are completely in your control, some people simply like to have a few smart devices such as a smart fridge and smart tv that can be controlled using an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device as well as your phone. Others prefer to have a complete Smart Home system throughout their property that integrates lighting, heating and other devices into one home network.

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