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Smart Home Installation in Manchester

The phrase ‘Smart Home’ is being used a lot lately, and if you understand what it means or not, it is a great way to modernise your home and make the most of the very latest technological advancements. Excelsior Electrical Contractors of Manchester are specialists in the supply and installation of Smart Home systems in and around the area.

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Homes can equip your Manchester based property with devices that can be controlled remotely, such as lighting, heating, and other electronic devices. Using an internet connection, you have direct access to tech in your home using smart phones, tablets and integrated control panels.

Some of the most popular uses for Smart Home technology is surveillance cameras, a useful device for security purposes and to keep an eye on an unruly pet when they have been left alone. Smart Homes have also been proven to reduce utility bills, by allowing you to time heating, water and electricity to only be in use when you need it and when people will be home, such as first thing in the morning and when people are returning from work.

You can visit our blog for extra information on Smart Home Systems and how they can be beneficial to customers across Manchester.

The Top 3 Benefits of Having a Smart Home Installed

Save Money

This is a no brainer. As we mentioned before, Smart Homes can cause utilities such as electric, gas and water to run more efficiently. Along with the ability to monitor your usage, after installing a Smart Home system, you will never be surprised by a high utilities bill ever again.


Smart Homes have been proven to be a huge benefit for the more vulnerable members of society. Many Smart Home consumers have said that they have had these devices installed so make themselves feel safer in their homes. Settings such as automated lighting are a great method of deterring potential burglars and intruders. And motion sensors help hugely when arriving home at night to a completely dark house.


There is nothing worse than arriving home from a trip or holiday to a cold house. So when you’re travelling back, you can use your smart phone to switch the heating on so the house is warm and welcoming on your return. There is also no danger of having to reluctantly crawl out of your nice, cosy bed when you remember that you’ve left a light on in another room. With a Smart Home System, you can simply switch the light off straight from your bed.

Smart Home Installation

Why choose Excelsior Electrical Contractors of Manchester?

All of our electrical engineers have received a vast amount of training and are all fully qualified to carry out all Smart Home installations, only ever using reliable, recognisable materials.

All our services are designed to deliver complete confidence in your smart home systems, and we are always more than happy to visit your property in Manchester and test and maintain all systems whenever you feel necessary. Our maintenance services have been proven to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and mitigate all possible electrical dangers.

Excelsior Electrical Contractors are a Stroma-accredited company and are proud to count a range of big names amongst our client network. We are also more than happy to help if you require services such as security lighting, cabling, fibre optics, alarm systems, electrical testing and full rewires.

Feel free to contact us at any point if you have any queries about the range of electrical services that we offer across Manchester and the surrounding area.

Transform your home into a Smart Home

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