How can I keep my Smart Home secure?

Smart Homes are great; they make your daily life easier and keep your home secure- or so you’d think. It’s up to you to ensure that your Smart Home and more importantly your network, is secured. Your Smart Home is reliant on your home network and usually your smartphone which is why protecting both from potential cybercriminals is your number one priority.

Update Your Software!

We’re all guilty of repeatedly hitting the ‘remind me later’ button on our phones when it’s time for a software update. The thought of having to spend more than 5 minutes without being able to immediately access your phone can feel like a futuristic nightmare. But these updates aren’t simply to install the latest emojis, often it can be a patch for a serious security flaw. With many Smart Home Devices being connected to our Smartphones you’ll want to make sure you’re up to date to keep your home safe!

Secure Your Wi-Fi!

Your Wi-Fi is the centre point of your Smart Home as without it, nothing would work! You’ll want to take several steps to secure your network, starting with changing the router name. It can be easy to get accustomed the string of random numbers and letters the manufacturer has assigned but this simply provides hackers with an identifier. Naming it something obscure that doesn’t pertain to your location or you will help keep it safe.

The Next step is to set up a guest network for any friends and family to use when they are visiting. Your guests may not have any sinister intent towards the devices in your Smart Home but if their device isn’t secure, they will be putting your network, and home at risk.

Manufacturers will always provide you with pre-set passwords and usernames- something cybercriminals are very much aware of. It won’t take long for someone to successfully hack into your devices and network if you have a device that won’t let you change from the default settings.

‘Password’ is NOT a good password!

It may seem obvious, but last year ‘Password’ was the second most popular password after ‘123456’. Many apps will now require you to use a password with at least 8 characters, at least one capital letter, numbers and symbols- which is what you should be using anyway. Try to refrain from using a variation of the same password for all your applications or even use a password manager to keep everything secure.

It is important to know that companies are aware of these risks and are constantly improving and updating their software to ensure that your applications, devices and network are safe. Cybercriminals are not actively waiting for an opening in your cyber security to steal your personal information via your Smart Home Thermostat. It is simply a growing industry with new and innovative technological advances, each creating a more efficient Smart Home, but as with anything, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.

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