Smart Home Tips for Parents

Growing up in 2019 is completely different to life 10 years ago, it is even different to life 5 years ago with how fast technology advances in the 21st century. It is therefore natural that parents are now struggling to set boundaries on how long their children can be on each device and even how to keep your child safe without being overbearing. This is where your Smart Home can help by allowing you to regain control and act as a third parent, guiding you through this technological era.

Forgotten Keys

How many times have you arrived home to find your child sat on the front door step because they forgot their keys again? Smart Homes make this problem a thing of the past by using either a pin code, finger print scanners or a system which allows you to let your child in from your Smartphone.

Who’s at the front door?

Leaving your child home alone can be a difficult decision for any parent especially if you have concerns of them answering the door to strangers. By installing a Smart Doorbell, you take away the unknown by allowing both yourself and your child to see and speak to the person outside without ever opening the door.

Controlling Screen Time

In the age of tech, one of the biggest issues for parents is trying to stop their child being glued to a screen. With so many devices from Smartphones to Tablets, TVs to Computers it can be hard to manage them all and ensure your child hasn’t tiptoed away to another if one is taken away. Smart Home systems can incorporate timers in which you can set which times of the day your child can access each device. Whether it be you don’t want them on their phone late at night or slumping into the couch watching TV straight after school, you will have complete control.

Keeping Fit

Studies have shown that the fitness level of children and teenagers is declining rapidly due to them spending more time indoors and less time being active. Many parents don’t want to force their child to partake in football, lacrosse or other sports because they know they have other interests, but this is simply not the issue. The problem is that they are not maintaining a general level of fitness as in, taking regular breaks from screens and simply walking around.

The solution? Wearable devices can help notify your child when they need to take a break from being sat down and do some exercise as well as monitor their heart rate and other health information. Some devices even strive to make exercising fun by telling you how far you’ve walked or collecting family data and keeping track of who is in the lead for exercising that day!

Modern day parenting is difficult enough without adding in all the worries about new devices, so why not make your Smart home tech work for you?

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