How can smart homes help the elderly?

Medical advances and positive lifestyle changes means that we as a species are living longer than ever before. A by-product of this is that the elderly is now able to continue to live independently for longer. So how can we make independent living easier for the older community? There has been growing concerns about how health and quality of life can be maintained for those who want to continue to live in their home for longer, and we think that a Smart Home System is a great place to start.

There are three specific areas of concern when it comes to allowing the elderly to live independently; Health, Safety, and Security.


Despite living a longer life, this unfortunately does not reduce the likelihood of suffering any medical ailments and mobility issues. Starting with Health, Smart Homes offer a wide range of health benefits to the elderly. There are integrated systems such as smart fridges, mobility doors and smart pillboxes which can all detect and collect relevant information and respond appropriately.


When returning home at night, you can simply use your smartphone to turn out outdoor lighting to provide a safe route to enter the house to prevent any injuries from stumbling over items in the dark. With smart homes, you can also program indoor lighting, so it appears that someone is home when you are out and about, to deter against criminals from targeting the house. And long gone are the days of having to get out of bed to switch the heating on or off, as smart home systems can allow you to do this from the comfort of your bed, which is ideal with those with mobility problems.

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And finally, security- something everyone needs in their home, but particularly as we grow older. Smart Home security effectively modifies existing technology by using easy to use smart locks which can be locked and unlocked using your phone so that caregivers and deliveries can easily access the home. There is also the issue of not knowing who is at the door which is where Smart security cameras come into play. These cameras allow seniors to see who is at the door as well as speak to them safely- a great addition for those hard of hearing.

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If you have an elderly relative in your life who you think will benefit from having a smart home system installed, then contact our team at Excelsior Electrical Contractors today by calling 0808 137 1451. You can also email us at and one of our team will be in touch.

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